Donate to Boulder County AA Intergroup:

"The A.A. groups themselves ought to be fully supported by the voluntary contributions of their own members."

- from the Long Form of Tradition Seven.

In keeping with Tradition Seven, you should be an A.A. Member to make a contribution.

What Intergroup Does:

Intergroup provides the following services for the A.A. community and the general public:
  • Central Office
  • Literature distribution
  • Meeting schedules
  • A.A. Hotline
  • Liaison services for A.A. groups
  • Liaison services for the general public
  • Service committees
  • Special functions


Boulder County Intergroup is exceedingly grateful for any and all contributions, no matter how small.

Please mail or drop off checks / money order at:

Boulder County AA Intergroup

5401 Western Ave. Suite D.

Boulder Colorado 80301

Make checks payable to Boulder County Intergroup. Cash is accepted, however it is not recommended that cash be sent through the mail. Your contributions are going to help spread the most important message of our lives.